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First Mesozoic record of the scleractinian Madrepora from the Maastrichtian siliceous limestones of Poland

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Stolarski, J. & Vertino, A. Facies (2007) 53: 67. doi:10.1007/s10347-006-0089-6


The objective of the present article is to document the first stratigraphic occurrence of the colonial oculinid Madrepora, known from the modern seas as an azooxanthellate taxon that contributes to the formation of deep-water coral reefs. The Upper Cretaceous specimens of Madrepora sp. reported herein from Poland were recovered from Upper Maastrichtian (Nasiłów and Bochotnica localities) and Lower Maastrichtian (Bliżów locality) siliceous limestones. The corals are preserved as imprints of the branch fragments and molds of the calices. Despite their moldic preservation, the coral remains exhibit key generic features of the genus Madrepora; including (1) sympodial colony growth form with calices arranged in opposite and alternating rows in one plane of the branch, and (2) imprints of the granular coenosteum texture, occasionally showing peculiar reticulate patterns. Some features of the Cretaceous Madrepora sp., such as the reticulate coenosteum texture, the range of the corallite diameter (2.8–4 mm), and the arrangement of the septa in three regular cycles resemble the skeletal features of the modern, typically constructional, species M. oculata (type species). The lack of any evidence of coral buildups and related debris in the whole Upper Cretaceous/Paleogene sequences from Poland and the sparse occurrence of colony fragments, suggests that the Cretaceous Madrepora sp. formed small, isolated colonies.


Scleractinia Madrepora Cretaceous Maastrichtian Siliceous limestone 

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  3. 3.Institut fuer PalaeontologieUniversity of Erlangen-NurembergErlangenGermany