, Volume 60, Issue 3, pp 555-558
Date: 15 Mar 2014

The BOS™ as a species-specific method to deliver baits to wild boar in a Mediterranean area

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The impact of wild boar Sus scrofa and feral pigs on ecosystems and human activities is of interest worldwide. Bait-delivered pharmaceuticals such as contraceptives or disease vaccines are increasingly advocated to assist the management of such impacts. We evaluated the Boar-Operated-System (BOS™) to deliver baits to wild boar in a Mediterranean area with a large community of potential nontarget species. In a pre-trial phase (BOS™ open), both wild boar and 12 nontarget species (wildlife and livestock) visited the BOS™ and eight species consumed the baits. In the trial phase, when the BOS™ were closed, only wild boar consumed baits. From pre-trial to trial, the rate of visits by nontarget species to the BOS™ decreased significantly, but that of wild boar did not change. We observed that crested porcupines Hystrix cristata prevented the wild boar from using BOS™. We confirmed the effectiveness of BOS™ to deliver baits selectively to wild boar in a Mediterranean area.
Communicated by C. Gortázar