, Volume 7, Issue 1 Supplement, pp 52-54
Date: 25 Jul 2006

Geographic event conceptualization

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Dynamic aspects of geographic-scale phenomena form a growing topic in spatial sciences. As the technology advances, for example, in monitoring such phenomena using sensor networks (Worboys and Duckham 2006), the need for a basic understanding of the conceptualization of dynamic processes by cognitive agents becomes pertinent. The formal characterization of these conceptualizations is necessary to automate the identification and characterization of conceptual structures that discretize continuous dynamic processes into conceptual units. This research addresses the issue of transducing data, such as recorded by sensor networks into conceptual knowledge.

While research on the characterization of cognitive events has a long history within several sciences (for an overview see, Casati and Varzi 1996; Zacks and Tversky 2001), we still lack a good understanding of the conceptualization of geographic events. Our research, therefore, aims at the core of conceptual structures of geogr