Date: 30 Dec 2005

Brain tumor evaluation and segmentation by in vivo proton spectroscopy and relaxometry

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A new methodology has been developed for the evaluation and segmentation of brain tumors using information obtained by different magnetic resonance techniques such as in vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1HMRS) and relaxometry. In vivo 1HMRS may be used as a preoperative technique that allows noninvasive monitoring of metabolites to identify the different tissue types present in the lesion (active tumor, necrotic tissue, edema, and normal or non-affected tissue). Spatial resolution for treatment consideration may be improved by using 1HMRS combined or fused with images obtained by relaxometry which exhibit excellent spatial resolution. Some segmentation schemes are presented and discussed. The results show that segmentation performed in this way efficiently determines the spatial localization of the tumor both qualitatively and quantitatively. It provides appropriate information for therapy planning and application of therapies such as radiosurgery or radiotherapy and future control of patient evolution.