, Volume 8, Issue 11, pp 669-674
Date: 25 Nov 2009

Short-term efficacy of Cetuximab-contained regimen on patients with advanced gastrointestinal (noncolorectal) cancer: Experiences of 16 patients in single institute

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Cetuximab is an effective medicine for colorectal cancer bearing wild type Kras. However, few studies of cetuximab on patients with noncolorectal gastrointestinal cancer were available now. The aim of this study was to summarize the efficacy and safety profiles base-on the experiences of 16 patients with noncolorectal gastrointestinal cancer accepted cetuximab-contained regimens treatment.


The clinical data of all patients with noncolorectal gastrointestinal cancer treated by cetuximab combined with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy from October 1st 2006 to Jun 30th 2009 in Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center were collected.


(1) A total of 16 patients enrolled, including gastric cancer, esophageal carcinoma, pancreatic cancer and cholangiocarcinoma (8, 6, 1 and 1, respectively). The cetuximab was administered 92 cycles totally with median cycle of 4. (2) PR, SD and PD obtained in 4, 3 and 2 patients respectively in cetuximab + chemotherapy group. The disease control rate, median TTP and median OS were 77.8% (7/9), 3.5 months and 3.5 months, respectively. (3) Both of patients in cetuximab + radiotherapy group achieved PR with median TTP of 4 months and 7 months, with median OS of 14 and 28 months, respectively. (4) In evaluable patients, 3 PR obtained in first-line setting, 1 PD and 1 SD achieved in second-line setting, 2 SD and 1 PD appeared in third-line and more than third-line setting. (5) The commonly side effect was neutropenia, however, rash and hypomagnesemia were the common side effects related to cetuximab.


Cetuximab-contained regimens show a promising disease control rate, especially in first-line setting, in patients with noncolorectal gastrointestinal cancer, and the side effects both related to cytotoxic agents and related to cetuximab itself is tolerable and manageable. Of course, more phase III clinical trails are needed urgently.

Supported by a grant from the Major Science and Technology Project of “National Significant New Drug Creation” (No. 2008ZX09312-002).