Journal of General Plant Pathology

, Volume 74, Issue 2, pp 171–175

Development of an assay system using thrips-mediated inoculation to evaluate resistance of Capsicum spp. to Tomato spotted wilt virus


    • Japan Horticultural Production and Research Institute
  • Shinya Tsuda
    • National Agricultural Research Center
  • Osamu Nunomura
    • Japan Horticultural Production and Research Institute
  • Tadashi Ito
    • Japan Horticultural Production and Research Institute
Viral and Viroid Diseases

DOI: 10.1007/s10327-007-0069-x

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Genda, Y., Tsuda, S., Nunomura, O. et al. J Gen Plant Pathol (2008) 74: 171. doi:10.1007/s10327-007-0069-x


Considerable losses in pepper production by Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) have been reported worldwide. In breeding programs, an assay for resistance that accurately estimates field occurrence of TSWV during pepper production is critical because the virus is vector transmitted. Here, we establish an assay system of TSWV-resistant Capsicum spp. using insect-mediated inoculation within an acrylic chamber in which environmental conditions such as temperature, light intensity, and nutrient supply are controlled. This chamber enables transmission of TSWV from viruliferous plants to plants used in the resistance assay with Frankliniella occidentalis safely, quickly, and precisely.


Frankliniella occidentalis Tomato spotted wilt virus Capsicum spp. Tsw Acrylic chamber

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