, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp 85-89
Date: 05 Oct 2006

Iodine sequestration using delafossites and layered hydroxides

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The objective of this document is to report on the early success for sequestering 129I. Sorption coefficients (K d) for I and IO3 onto delafossites, spinels and layered metal hydroxides were measured and compared for their applicability to sequester 129I. The studies were performed using a dilute fluid composition representative of groundwater indigenous to the Yucca mountain area. Delafossites generally exhibited relatively poor sorption coefficients (<35 mL/g). In contrast, the composition of the layered hydroxides significantly affects their ability to sorb I. Cu/Al and Cu/Cr layered hydroxide samples exhibit K d’s greater than 1000 mL/g for both I and IO3 .