, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp 243-246
Date: 11 May 2007

Growth, morphology and photosynthetic activity in flooded Alnus japonica seedlings

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This study was conducted on Alnus japonica seedlings subjected to flooding for 2, 4, and 6 weeks to examine responses in growth, morphology, and photosynthesis to different periods of flooding. Seedlings subjected to flooding for 2 and 4 weeks were drained after flooding then watered daily. Increases in biomass of leaves, roots, and whole plants were less for 6-week-flooded seedlings. Rate of photosynthesis and stomatal conductance of flooded seedlings decreased within 2 weeks. For 2-week-flooded seedlings recovery from reduced stomatal conductance and recovery of photosynthetic activity occurred after drainage. For the 6-week-flooded seedlings stomatal conductance recovered by the end of the experiment. Adventitious root formation by the 4 and 6-week-flooded seedlings was observed from the third week of flooding. These results suggest that recovery of reduced function in leaves may progress with development of adventitious roots during the period of flooding.