, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp 283-289
Date: 26 May 2007

Ethnic fate and business life of the Overseas Chinese

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Oskar Weggel. Das Auslandschinesentum. Wirtschaftsmotor und Inspirationsquelle. Hamburg: Institut für Asienkunde. 2001. 207 pages. ISBN 3-88910-222-0. € 18.

Christian Chua-Franz. Indonesiens Chinesen. Konstruktion und Instrumentalisierung einer ethnischen Minderheit. Hamburg: Institut für Asienkunde. 2002. 170 pages. ISBN 3-88910-283-2. € 23.

Edmund Terence Gomez and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao (eds). Chinese Business in Southeast Asia. Contesting Cultural Explanations, Researching Entrepreneurship. London: RoutledgeCurzon. 2004. 205 pages. ISBN 0-415-32622-2. GBP 80.

The subtitles of these three volumes clearly demonstrate distinct approaches to deal with the fascinating ethnic fate and business life of the overseas Chinese during the last 200 years: from colonial middlemen to creators of the South East Asian tiger economies and to major investors in China:

Admiration for their exceptional economic performance, looking for commonalities and resorting to ethno-cultural explanations (Weggel);