, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 65-70
Date: 15 Aug 2007

UNB3m_pack: a neutral atmosphere delay package for radiometric space techniques

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Several hybrid neutral atmosphere delay models have been developed at the University of New Brunswick. In this paper we are presenting UNB3m_pack, a package with subroutines in FORTRAN and corresponding functions in MatLab which provides neutral atmospheric information estimated using the UNB3m model. The main goal of UNB3m is to provide reliable predicted neutral atmosphere delays for users of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and other transatmospheric radiometric techniques. Slant neutral atmosphere delays are the main output of the package, however, it can be used to estimate zenith delays, Niell mapping functions values, delay rates, mapping function rates, station pressure, temperature, relative humidity and the mean temperature of water vapor in the atmospheric column. The subroutines work using day of year, latitude, height and elevation angle as input values. The files of the package have a commented section at the beginning, explaining how the subroutines work and what the input and output parameters are. The subroutines are self-contained, i.e., they do not need any auxiliary files. The user has simply to add to his/her software one or more of the available files and call them in the appropriate way.

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