Journal of Digital Imaging

, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp 333–343

Technical Report on Semiautomatic Segmentation Using the Adobe Photoshop


  • Jin Seo Park
    • Department of AnatomyAjou University School of Medicine
    • Department of AnatomyAjou University School of Medicine
  • Sung Bae Hwang
    • Department of Physical TherapyKyungbuk College
  • Yong Sook Lee
    • Department of AnatomyAjou University School of Medicine
  • Dong-Hwan Har
    • Graduate School of Advanced Imaging ScienceMultimedia & Film, Chungang University

DOI: 10.1007/s10278-005-6704-1

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Park, J.S., Chung, M.S., Hwang, S.B. et al. J Digit Imaging (2005) 18: 333. doi:10.1007/s10278-005-6704-1

The purpose of this research is to enable users to semiautomatically segment the anatomical structures in magnetic resonance images (MRIs), computerized tomographs (CTs), and other medical images on a personal computer. The segmented images are used for making 3D images, which are helpful to medical education and research. To achieve this purpose, the following trials were performed. The entire body of a volunteer was scanned to make 557 MRIs. On Adobe Photoshop, contours of 19 anatomical structures in the MRIs were semiautomatically drawn using MAGNETIC LASSO TOOL and manually corrected using either LASSO TOOL or DIRECT SELECTION TOOL to make 557 segmented images. In a similar manner, 13 anatomical structures in 8,590 anatomical images were segmented. Proper segmentation was verified by making 3D images from the segmented images. Semiautomatic segmentation using Adobe Photoshop is expected to be widely used for segmentation of anatomical structures in various medical images.

Key words

Semiautomatic segmentationAdobe PhotoshopMRIsCTsanatomical imagessegmented imagesthree-dimensional images

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