, Volume 92, Issue 1, pp 43-47

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Large-scale investigation of genomic markers for severe periodontitis

  • Asami SuzukiAffiliated withGeneral Dentistry, The Nippon Dental University Hospital at Tokyo Email author 
  • , Guijin JiAffiliated withHuBit Genomix, Inc.
  • , Yukihiro NumabeAffiliated withDepartment of Periodontology, The Nippon Dental University School of Dentistry at Tokyo
  • , Keisuke IshiiAffiliated withHuBit Genomix, Inc.
  • , Masaaki MuramatsuAffiliated withHuBit Genomix, Inc.Department of Molecular Epidemiology, Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  • , Kyuichi KamoiAffiliated withDepartment of Periodontology, The Nippon Dental University School of Dentistry at Tokyo

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The purpose of the present study was to investigate the genomic markers for periodontitis, using large-scale single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) association studies comparing healthy volunteers and patients with periodontitis. Genomic DNA was obtained from 19 healthy volunteers and 22 patients with severe periodontitis, all of whom were Japanese. The subjects were genotyped at 637 SNPs in 244 genes on a large scale, using the TaqMan polymerase chain reaction (PCR) system. Statistically significant differences in allele and genotype frequencies were analyzed with Fisher’s exact test. We found statistically significant differences (P < 0.01) between the healthy volunteers and patients with severe periodontitis in the following genes; gonadotropin-releasing hormone 1 (GNRH1), phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase regulatory 1 (PIK3R1), dipeptidylpeptidase 4 (DPP4), fibrinogen-like 2 (FGL2), and calcitonin receptor (CALCR). These results suggest that SNPs in the GNRH1, PIK3R1, DPP4, FGL2, and CALCR genes are genomic markers for severe periodontitis. Our findings indicate the necessity of analyzing SNPs in genes on a large scale (i.e., genome-wide approach), to identify genomic markers for periodontitis.

Key words

Severe periodontitis Single-nucleotide polymorphisms Genomic marker Systemic diseases