, Volume 116, Issue 3, pp 183-188

Carbon autonomy of reproductive shoots of Siberian alder (Alnus hirsuta var. sibirica)

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Carbon autonomy of current-year shoots in flowering, and of current-year shoots plus 1-year-old shoots (1-year-old shoot system) in fruiting of Siberian alder (Alnus hirsuta var. sibirica) was investigated using a stable isotope of carbon, 13C. The current-year shoot and 1-year-old shoot systems were fed 13CO2 and the atom% excess of 13C in flowers and fruits was determined. The majority of photosynthate allocated to flower buds was originally assimilated in the leaves of the flowering current-year shoots. Of all the current-year shoots on fruiting 1-year-old shoots, only those nearest to the fruits allocated the assimilated photosynthate to fruit maturation. These results indicate that the current-year shoots and 1-year-old shoot systems are carbon-autonomous units for producing flowers and maturing fruits, respectively.