, Volume 122, Issue 3-4, pp 12-14
Date: 08 Feb 2012

Problematiche delle fratture da fragilità ossea. La nostra esperienza nella gestione delle fragilità ossee nella Regione Piemonte

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Osteoporosis-related fractures are extremely common among elderly people throughout the world and Piedmont makes no exception, with an high incidence of hip fractures (HF) (126.13/100,000) in people aged more than 60 years. HFs cause a decrease of the patient’s life expectancy and high costs for the National Health Service. Almost all cases require a surgical treatment that is chosen according to the type of bone fracture and the functional requirements of the patient. The choice is between arthroplasty (PHA or THA) and osteosynthesis (intramedullary nail, cannulated screw, DHS). It is interesting that in our Region the incidence of new fractures in patients that sustained a prior HF within 3 years was 13.01%, but only 1% of them was taking an appropriate anti-osteoporotic therapy, underlining its importance.