, Volume 1, Issue 3, pp 237-268

Bargaining regimes and wages in Portugal

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In this paper we analyse the bargaining regime wage-effect in Portugal. The results indicate that the bargaining regime coverage is important in explaining the variability of wages. Wage differentials between bargaining regimes are substantial, a fact which may be related to a decentralised wage setting which prevails in Portugal. The highest wages are generated by multi-firm negotiations and the lowest are generated by sectoral contracts. Single-firm contracts align at an intermediate level in the ranking.

Received: April 2001, Accepted: May 2002,

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Correspondence to: Pedro T. Pereira
We are very grateful to an anonymous referee. Financial support from program PRAXIS XXI under grant PRAXIS/2/2.1/CSH/781/95 and FEDER is acknowledged. The third author also acknowledges financial support from program PRAXIS XXI under grant BD/3486/94 and from the University of the Azores.