, Volume 63, Issue 5, pp 459-462
Date: 23 Apr 2013

Johnson received the 2013 Georg Wüst Prize

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Prof. Dr. Georg Wüst

Dr. Gregory C. Johnson

Dr. Gregory C. Johnson received the Georg Wüst Prize 2013 at the European Geophysical Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, April 2013. This biannual prize is awarded for outstanding contributions to the general field of oceanography and is sponsored by the German Society for Marine Research and Ocean Dynamics. The following is a transcript of the citation by Prof. Wolff and the response by Dr. Johnson.

Citation by Prof. Wolff:

The German Society for Marine Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Meeresforschung, DGM) awards this biennial prize with the generous sponsorship of the international Springer journal Ocean Dynamics. Specifically, it is meant to honor excellent mid-career scientists, thus targeting a group missed by the “outstanding life-time achievements” awards or those directed explicitly at bright “young scientists.” It is the intent that this honor will further inspire the recipient to address the demanding tasks that are im ...

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