, Volume 62, Issue 10-12, pp 1503-1517
Date: 11 Nov 2012

ADMESH: An advanced, automatic unstructured mesh generator for shallow water models

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In this paper, we present the development and application of a two-dimensional, automatic unstructured mesh generator for shallow water models called Admesh. Starting with only target minimum and maximum element sizes and points defining the boundary and bathymetry/ topography of the domain, the goal of the mesh generator is to automatically produce a high-quality mesh from this minimal set of input. From the geometry provided, properties such as local features, curvature of the boundary, bathymetric/topographic gradients, and approximate flow characteristics can be extracted, which are then used to determine local element sizes. The result is a high-quality mesh, with the correct amount of refinement where it is needed to resolve all the geometry and flow characteristics of the domain. Techniques incorporated include the use of the so-called signed distance function, which is used to determine critical geometric properties, the approximation of piecewise linear coastline data by smooth cubic splines, a so-called mesh function used to determine element sizes and control the size ratio of neighboring elements, and a spring-based force equilibrium approach used to improve the element quality of an initial mesh obtained from a simple Delaunay triangulation. Several meshes of shallow water domains created by the new mesh generator are presented.

Responsible Editor: Sergey Danilov
This article is part of the Topical Collection on Multi-scale modelling of coastal, shelf and global ocean dynamics