, Volume 50, Issue 1, pp 0048-0051

Parakysis notialis, a new species of akysid catfish from Borneo (Siluriformes: Akysidae)

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Parakysis notialis sp. nov. is described from the Barito River drainage in southern Borneo. It can be distinguished from congeners in having a unique combination of the following characters: head length 26.5–27.0% SL, conical head, presence of median concavity on margin of lower lip, presence of laterosensory canal pore between inner and outer mandibular barbels, branched outer mandibular barbels, branches of inner mandibular barbels separated, deeply forked caudal fin with pointed lobes, 5 pectoral fin rays, 10 branched principal caudal fin rays, sparsely pigmented caudal fin, and absence of light brown saddle from base of posteriormost dorsal fin ray to caudal peduncle.

Received: February 11, 2002 / Revised: September 4, 2002 / Accepted: October 11, 2002
Acknowledgments We thank Takashige Idei for the gift of the specimens of the new species, and Darrell Siebert (BMNH), David Catania (CAS), Karsten Hartel (MCZ), Douglas Nelson (UMMZ), and Kelvin Lim (ZRC) for permission to examine material under their care. Funding from a Block Grant from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan and the Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan provided financial support for this project.
Correspondence to:Heok Hee Ng