, Volume 60, Issue 1, pp 98-101
Date: 14 Aug 2012

Path of the Kuroshio Current affects the presence of several goby species in the brackish water area in northeastern Kyushu Island, Japan: results of a decade-long survey in the Kita River

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The Kuroshio Current transports various marine organisms, including tropical and subtropical fishes, from the southern regions to the northern Pacific coast of Japan (Senou et al. 2006; Matsuura 2012). The demersal fishes, including brackish water gobies, are transported during the pelagic larval phase (Senou et al. 2006; Maeda et al. 2007; Matsuura 2012). However, the path of the current shows various changes along the Japanese archipelago at various time periods, from days to decades (Kawabe 1995; Yamashiro and Kawabe 1996; Nagano and Kawabe 2004). Thus, it is possible that the path changes of the Kuroshio Current influence the presence/absence of fishes along the coastal areas of the archipelago. In this study, we examined the relationships between the path of the Kuroshio Current and the presence of several gobies by conducting a decade-long monitoring of the northeastern region of the Kyushu Island (Fig. 1a).Fig. 1

Maps of warm currents around southern Japan (a) and the survey site ...