, Volume 55, Issue 3, pp 267-273
Date: 06 Aug 2008

Dolichopteryx pseudolongipes , a new species of spookfish (Argentinoidei: Opisthoproctidae) from the eastern Pacific Ocean

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A new species of opisthoproctid, Dolichopteryx pseudolongipes, is described on the basis of three specimens (48.7–79.9 mm in standard length: SL) collected from the eastern Pacific Ocean. This species is characterized by small tubular eyes (diameter 2.7–3.9% SL), presence of an adipose fin, anal fin base originating under the dorsal fin base, relatively short predorsal (73.3–73.8% SL), prepelvic (64.3–67.9% SL), preanal (77.4–80.1% SL), and preanus (71.5–75.7% SL) lengths; 31–33 (=9–10 + 22–24) gill rakers and 43–45 vertebrae. Although D. pseudolongipes had previously been confused with Dolichopteryx longipes, many differences between the species are apparent [e.g., adipose fin absent, anal fin base origin just behind dorsal fin base, greater prepelvic length (70.3–72.7% SL), 25 gill rakers, and 46–47 vertebrae in D. longipes].