, Volume 13, Issue 5, pp 729-762
Date: 04 Oct 2012

A New Computational Approach to Ideal Theory in Number Fields

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Let K be the number field determined by a monic irreducible polynomial f(x) with integer coefficients. In previous papers we parameterized the prime ideals of K in terms of certain invariants attached to Newton polygons of higher order of f(x). In this paper we show how to carry out the basic operations on fractional ideals of K in terms of these constructive representations of the prime ideals. From a computational perspective, these results facilitate the manipulation of fractional ideals of K avoiding two heavy tasks: the construction of the maximal order of K and the factorization of the discriminant of f(x). The main computational ingredient is the Montes algorithm, which is an extremely fast procedure to construct the prime ideals.

Communicated by Felipe Cucker.