, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 357-360
Date: 18 Dec 2012

The Grossman model after 40 years: a reply to Peter Zweifel

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This morning, I woke up and took a three mile jog. Next, I had a cup of yogurt and two cups of coffee for breakfast and debated with myself about whether I should give up coffee. For lunch I had a salad instead of french fries, and tonight when I return from work, I will forego the gin martini I know I would enjoy. In the coming year, I will have a colonoscopy and a digital rectal exam to screen for cancers. I can assure you that none of these activities represent consumption. I hate jogging, love french fries, and as many of my friends can attest, I like a strong drink or two every now and then. No need to state the obvious about the colonoscopy and digital rectal exam!

Why do I engage in these seemingly unpleasant activities? I do so because they will increase my longevity and improve my health, which will enable me to love my family and friends longer, and enjoy my remaining life more fully. These activities are investments in health, which, like any investment, requires initial sacr

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