, Volume 9, Issue 6, pp 393-395
Date: 30 Sep 2008

Relapsing remitting hypnic headache responsive to indomethacin in an adolescent: a case report

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Hypnic headache (HH) is a rare sleep-associated primary headache disorder that usually begins after the age of 60 years. Here we report a 19-year-old male with 4-year history of predominantly left sided HH. He is the youngest person reported who fulfills the IHS diagnostic criteria for HH. The patient had history of relapsing–remitting course. The headache occurred every night at a constant time in each relapse. It was non-throbbing, moderate to severe, for 30 min to 5 h, and usually after 3 h of sleep. The patient showed complete response to indomethacin (75 mg at bedtime). Frequent tapering of indomethacin was required to look for the remission phase.