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Comparative study of the clinical efficacy of the selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor celecoxib compared with loxoprofen in patients with frozen shoulder

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DOI: 10.1007/s10165-013-0839-6

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Ohta, S., Komai, O. & Hanakawa, H. Mod Rheumatol (2013). doi:10.1007/s10165-013-0839-6



This is a randomized comparative study of the efficacy of celecoxib and loxoprofen in patients with frozen shoulder (scapulohumeral periarthritis).


Patients with frozen shoulder who presented with pain as the symptom were divided at random into a celecoxib treatment group (100 mg/dose, twice daily; n = 37) and a loxoprofen treatment group (60 mg/dose, 3 times daily; n = 33). Medication was continued for 1–2 weeks in each group.


Each patient was asked to rate the pain on a visual analog scale (score 0–5). This score significantly improved (indicating marked alleviation of pain) in both the celecoxib group (from 3.41 ± 0.86 before treatment to 2.30 ± 1.02 after treatment) and the loxoprofen group (from 3.73 ± 0.67 before treatment to 2.76 ± 0.96 after treatment). In the analysis of disappearance of pain, the percentage of patients showing disappearance of nocturnal pain was significantly higher in the celecoxib group (71.4 %) than in the loxoprofen group (36.8 %).


The results confirm that celecoxib is comparable to loxoprofen in terms of analgesic efficacy in patients with frozen shoulder. Among other findings, we report that celecoxib was more effective for nocturnal pain than loxoprofen.


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  1. 1.Department of Orthopedic SurgeryShinseikai Toyama HospitalImizuJapan
  2. 2.Department of DermatologyShinseikai Toyama HospitalImizuJapan