, Volume 61, Issue 3, pp 157-165
Date: 22 Feb 2007

First records of the benthic, bloom-forming, non-toxic dinoflagellate Thecadinium yashimaense (Dinophyceae) in Europe: with special emphasis on the invasion in the North Sea

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Thecadinium yashimaense was recorded for the first time in France, Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Germany. The invasion and establishment of the species in the German Bight was documented reliably and is presented here. The geographic expansion of the species from the North Pacific to the North Atlantic Ocean is discussed. This bloom-forming, marine, sand-dwelling dinoflagellate was shown to be non-toxic. Also Thecadinium kofoidii, the type species of the genus, was analyzed for potential toxin production and turned out to be non-toxic as well.

Communicated by H.-D. Franke.