, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 197-218

Web-based analytical tools for the exploration of spatial data

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This paper deals with the extension of internet-based geographic information systems with functionality for exploratory spatial data analysis (esda). The specific focus is on methods to identify and visualize outliers in maps for rates or proportions. Three sets of methods are included: extreme value maps, smoothed rate maps and the Moran scatterplot. The implementation is carried out by means of a collection of Java classes to extend the Geotools open source mapping software toolkit. The web based spatial analysis tools are illustrated with applications to the study of homicide rates and cancer rates in U.S. counties.

This research was supported in part by a number of grants from the US National Science Foundation: NSF Grant SBR-9410612, BCS-9978058, to the Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (csiss), and a grant from the National Consortium on Violence Research (ncovr is supported under grant SBR-9513040 from the National Science Foundation). In addition, support was provided by grant RO1 CA 95949-01 from the National Cancer Institute. Special thanks to Dr. Eugene J. Lengerich of the Pennsylvania State Cancer Institute for providing the data on colon cancer diagnoses.