Phase I Clinical Trial with HIV-1 gp160 Plasmid Vaccine in HIV-1-Infected Asymptomatic Subjects

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The aim of the study was to investigate the safety of an HIV-1 gp160 plasmid vaccine. Four asymptomatic HIV-1-infected subjects with CD4+ lymphocyte counts >500/μl were injected with four times 400 μg of HIV-1 modified gp160 env and rev coding DNA vaccine at 0, 4, 10 and 28 weeks. Safety parameters, including autoimmune antibodies as well as CD4+/CD8+ cell counts and HIV-1 plasma concentrations, were monitored for 52 weeks after the first vaccine application. Follow-up data for more than 3 years are now available. The DNA vaccine proved to be safe and, specifically, did not induce anti-DNA autoimmune antibodies. Vaccination had no long-term effects on the CD4+/CD8+ lymphocyte counts, plasma HIV-1 RNA concentrations or disease progression. The present data supplement published data from Philadelphia, USA, where a dose-escalating study (30–300 μg) with the same HIV-1 DNA vaccine was performed.

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