Date: 22 Dec 2009

Safety and immunogenicity of an investigational quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine after one or two doses given to infants and toddlers

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With the emergence of multiple meningococcal serogroups in different geographic areas, broad vaccine protection from infancy is desirable. One hundred and seventy-five infants received either two doses of a meningococcal quadrivalent (A, C, W-135, Y) conjugate vaccine (MenACWY-CRM) at 6 and 12 months, one dose of MenACWY-CRM at 12 months, or MenC at 12 months and MenACWY-CRM at 18 months. Bactericidal antibody titers using human complement were measured before and 1 month after each dose. Injection-site reactions were reported by 22–45% of participants following MenACWY-CRM given at 6 or 12 months. Similar proportions of subjects had injection-site reactions following two doses of MenACWY-CRM (32–41%) or one dose of MenC (26–44%). The incidence of systemic adverse events was comparable between groups. After two doses of MenACWY-CRM, the percentages of participants reporting hSBA titers ≥8 were 100% for C, W-135, and Y, and 84% for A. Serogroup C titers were more than 10-fold higher after two doses of MenACWY-CRM than after one dose of MenC or MenACWY-CRM at 12 months. Serogroup C titers were comparable following a single dose of MenACWY-CRM or MenC at 12 months. MenACWY-CRM is well tolerated and immunogenic given at 12 months, or two doses at 6 and 12 months of age.

Presented at the 5th World Congress of the World Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, 15–18 November 2007, Bangkok, Thailand.