Date: 10 Nov 2009

Antifungal properties of Salvadora persica and Juglans regia L. extracts against oral Candida strains

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We report in this work, and for the first time, the potent antifungal activities of Salvadora persica and Juglans regia L. on different Candida species. Methanol, ethyl acetate, and diluted acetone extracts of S. persica (fresh and dry plant) and J. regia L. were screened for in vitro activity against some Candida species. These plants were selected due to their traditional use for the treatment of oral infections. Plant preparations were screened for antifungal activity using a standard agar disc diffusion assay. Following study of the antifungal activity of plant extracts, their minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimal fungicidal concentration (MFC) values were determined using broth microdilution assay. Among S. persica and J. regia L. extracts, ethyl acetate J. regia L. extract had potent antifungal activity against all Candida strains. The MIC values of the J. regia L. against Candida strains ranged from 0.006 to 0.195 mg/ml. Two C. albicans strains showed a high MIC value (3.125 mg/ml). These results indicate that extracts can contain compounds with therapeutic potential against Candida strains and, hence, their possible use as therapeutic agents.