Prognostic factors in adult community-acquired bacterial meningitis: a 4-year retrospective study

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The aim of this 4-year, observational, single-center study was to identify prognostic factors and evaluate the need for intensive care in cases of bacterial meningitis. During the study period, 60 cases of adult bacterial meningitis were identified. Fifty-one patients were transferred to the intensive care unit at various times during their hospital stay. In the multivariate analysis, factors significantly associated with the need for mechanical ventilation and/or vasopressive drugs included comorbidity and a Glasgow coma score of less than 12 at hour 6 following presentation. The results indicate patients with a decreased level of consciousness, neurological deficit or comorbidity should be admitted to the intensive care unit at an early stage of illness. When patients lack these criteria 6 h following presentation, admission to the medical ward is reasonable.