Date: 10 Dec 2002

Retrospective Analysis of the First Clonal Outbreak of Nalidixic Acid-Resistant Shigella sonnei Shigellosis in Israel

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Reported here is a retrospective molecular analysis of the isolates recovered from the first outbreak of nalidixic acid (NA)-resistant Shigella sonnei shigellosis to occur in Israel. The outbreak affected 94 children. In the retrospective analysis, a total of 13 NA-resistant isolates and five NA-susceptible isolates recovered during the outbreak period were examined. Restriction fragment length polymorphism profiles obtained by digestion with BamHI, PvuI, HinfI or SmaI yielded identical profiles for all 18 isolates. All NA-resistant strains had an identical plasmid profile, but this profile differed from that displayed by the susceptible strains. In all of the NA-resistant strains a 304 bp fragment in the gyrA gene coding for a region associated with NA resistance was sequenced and showed a single point mutation, Ser83→Phe. In this outbreak, the isolates of NA-resistant Shigella sonnei belonged to a single clone and NA resistance was associated with a point mutation in the gyrA gene.