, Volume 36, Issue 2, pp 331-332
Date: 15 Jul 2014

A case of bacterial meningitis complicated by venous sinus thrombosis

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As a result of preventive measures, the annual incidence of bacterial meningitis has decreased in the past two decades [1]. Predisposing risk factors include parameningeal infection; previous head trauma; sinus, ear, or neurosurgical procedure; malignancy, alcoholism and diabetes mellitus [2]. The morbidity and mortality rates associated with bacterial meningitis remain high with no significant change in outcome despite advances in antimicrobial therapy and improvements in intensive care [2, 3]. Although vascular complications are common in bacterial meningitis, venous sinus thrombosis account for simply a small portion. Unlike the complications of increased intracranial pressure, hydrocephalus, cranial nerve palsies, and vascular complications are often irreversible and may be associated with unfavorable outcomes [3, 4]. Mortality is high, whereas those who survive are often left with severe neurologic sequelae [4]. Herein we report a case of bacterial meningitis complicat ...