, Volume 35, Issue 8, pp 1307-1308
Date: 25 Mar 2014

Delusional jealousy in Parkinson’s disease patients with and without dementia

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Dear Editor,

We read with interest the article by Perugi et al. [1] who evaluated clinical characteristics, pharmacological treatments and management of delusional jealousy (DJ) in 20 patients affected by Parkinson’s disease (PD) and we congratulate the authors for the careful methodology of this study. This paper, starting from a previous cross-sectional prevalence study [2], suggests that management of PD patients on dopaminergic treatments should include an active investigation for the presence of DJ, aimed to early identification of this type of delusion.

Previously, another retrospective study [3] investigating the presence of DJ in 563 PD patients without dementia identified six male patients with DJ presenting with early onset of PD, young age at DJ diagnosis and without relevant motor complications.

In this regard, both the previous study carried-out by Poletti et al. [2] and the present article [1] are undoubtedly clinically relevant and add significant data to the growing liter