, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp 45-46
Date: 03 Mar 2005

Miomir M. Komatina: Medical geology—Effects of geological environments on human health

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This book is published as part of the series “Developments in Earth and Environmental Sciences, 2”. It is a translation of the original book “Medicinska Geologija”, first published in 2002 by “Tellur” in Belgrade, Serbia. Elsevier identifies the audience as: geologists, biologists, ecologists, planners and public health staff. The stated objective of the book is to “show how the geological environment affects human health and to explore preventative methods for improvement”.

The author’s main aim in writing this book is to show how the geological environment affects human health. There are 10 chapters covering a wide range of issues that are not all geological in nature. The central thesis of this book is to develop a new field of study by putting together materials that exist in text books on geography, geology, hydrology, environmental science, geochemistry and socio-economic issues. The General Part – Introductory Remarks (Chapter 1) provides a detailed account of the history of medi ...