Original Article

Clinical Rheumatology

, Volume 26, Issue 8, pp 1312-1319

First online:

Analgesic activity of a polysaccharide in experimental osteoarthritis in rats

  • Rondinelle Ribeiro CastroAffiliated withDepartment of Physiology and Pharmacology, Federal University of Ceará
  • , Judith Pessoa Andrade FeitosaAffiliated withDepartment of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Federal University of Ceará
  • , Pablyana Leila Rodrigues da CunhaAffiliated withDepartment of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Federal University of Ceará
  • , Francisco Airton Castro da RochaAffiliated withDepartment of Internal Medicine, Federal University of Ceará Email author 

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Viscosupplementation efficacy has been related to the high molecular weight of hyaluronic acid-like compounds, as well as to gel formulation. We evaluated the effect of a galactomannan polysaccharide derived from Guar gum (GG) in joint pain in an osteoarthritis (OA) model. Wistar rats (six animals/group) were subjected to anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT-OA group). The OA group was compared to a false-operated group (sham). Joint pain was recorded daily, using the articular incapacitation test, until 7 days after ACLT. Solutions or gel preparations of GG (100 μg) or Hylan G-F 20 (100 μg), used as a comparator, were given intraarticularly (i.a.) at day 4 after ACLT. Controls received saline i.a. The OA group had significantly increased joint pain as compared to sham (P < 0.001). GG, either as a gel or solution, significantly inhibited joint pain similar to the inhibition achieved with Hylan G-F20. This is the first demonstration that a galactomannan derived from GG reduces joint pain in experimental OA. This analgesia is independent of the colloidal state. We propose that the analgesic benefit of viscosupplementation may be due to an intrinsic carbohydrate-mediated mechanism rather than to the rheologic properties of the material.


Joint pain Osteoarthritis Polysaccharide Viscosupplementation