, Volume 25, Issue 4, pp 591-595
Date: 27 Jan 2006

Intrafamilial phenotypic diversity in multiple epiphyseal dysplasia associated with a COL9A2 mutation (EDM2)

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We describe a Japanese family with an autosomal dominant multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (MED EDM2) showing significant phenotypic diversity among the five affected members. Genomic analysis for COL9A2 identified an Ex3-1A>G heterozygous mutation, which has been proved to result in skipping of exon 3. The proband was a 9-year-old boy, who presented with ulnar club hands due to severe epiphyseal dysplasia in the distal ulnae. Radiological examination showed multiple epiphyseal dysplasias, predominantly involving the knee and the wrist. The hip appeared almost normal. The malalignment of the wrist was successfully treated with a limb lengthening procedure. The phenotype of the asymptomatic 12-year-old brother was similar to, but milder than, that of the proband. The asymptomatic 39-year-old mother, the 35-year-old uncle, and the 65-year-old grandmother with bilateral painful knees showed radiographically mild and severe osteoarthritis of the knee, respectively, and none of them had wrist deformity.