, Volume 70, Issue 3, pp 529-530
Date: 29 Jun 2011

Luis I. González de Vallejo, Mercedes Ferrer: Geological Engineering

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Geological Engineering is written by Luis González de Vallejo and Mercedes Ferrer in collaboration with Spanish, Portuguese and English scientists in geotechnics, engineering geology and hydrogeology. The book relies heavily on the knowledge and experience of Luis González de Vallejo—researcher and professor at Complutense University in Madrid and consultant to large infrastructural projects in Spain and Central- and South-America. Geological Engineering is a translated and revised edition of the original work in the Spanish language.

The title Geological Engineering is eye catching in the sense that the term is in Europe seldom used as a descriptive name of an academic curriculum in the applied earth sciences. Here the term appears to have been used on purpose to express the activity of the application of concepts and methods from engineering geology, soil and rock mechanics and hydrogeology in design and construction for civil engineering. This vision is also expressed in the structur ...