, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp 196-204

Polyhedral Objects Metamorphosis Using Convex Decomposition and Morphology

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A new technique is presented for computing continuous shape transformations between polyhedral objects. The polyhedron shape transformations can be divided into polyhedron metamorphosis and bi-directional local rigid body rotation transformation. By decomposing two objects into sets of individual convex sub-objects respectively, and establishing the matching between two subsets, the approach can solve the metamorphosis problem of two non-homotopic objects (including concave objects and holey objects). Compared with other methods, this metamorphosis algorithm can be executed automatically for arbitrary polyhedrons and no need user interaction. The user has the ability to choose an automatic matching or to select interactively pairs of corresponding matching convex subsets to obtain special effects. Experiments show that this method can generate natural, high-fidelity, eye-pleasing metamorphosis results with simple computation.