Frequency dependence of aging, rejuvenation and memory in a disordered ferroelectric

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We characterize in details the aging properties of the ferroelectric phase of KTa1-xNbx O3 (KTN), where both rejuvenation and (partial) memory are observed. In particular, we carefully examine the frequency dependence of several quantities that characterize aging, rejuvenation and memory. We find a marked subaging behaviour, with an a.c. dielectric susceptiblity scaling as ω , where t w is the waiting time. We suggest an interpretation in terms of pinned domain walls, much along the lines proposed for aging in a disordered ferromagnet, where both domain wall reconformations and overall (cumulative) domain growth are needed to rationalize the experimental findings.

Received 10 November 2000 and Received in final form 20 February 2001