, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp 231-234

Surface Plasmon Resonance of Au Nanoparticles Fabricated by Negative Ion Implantation and Grid Structure toward Plasmonic Applications

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Optical properties of Au nanoparticle composites and a grid structure of Cu nanoparticle composite were studied. Negative ion implantation was applied to synthesize Au and Cu nanoparticles in amorphous SiO2 and Al2O3. Au nanoparticles were embedded within a depth of 30 nm by 60keV Au implantation. The surface plasmon resonance (SPR) of Au:SiO2 and Au: Al2O3 composites shifted to red and to blue, respectively, compared to calculated ones by the Mie theory. Optical nonlinearity was measured with pump-probe femtosecond spectroscopy and the transient spectrum of Au: Al2O3 composite presented a large red shift from the SPR peak. Image mapping of far-field transmitted intensity of Cu-implanted SiO2 with a fine grid structure drawn by laser-lithography was observed by a scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) system.