, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp 202-206

Multiple-Scattering-Free Optical Glucose Monitoring Based on Femtosecond Pulse Interferometry

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We have designed a novel multiple-scattering-free optical glucose monitoring system based on femtosecond pulse interferometry. The glucose concentration is determined by a time-of-flight method, while multiple-scattering light is rejected by a coherence gate. The resultant accuracy and precision were 94.7 and 24.5 mg/dl, respectively, for physiological-equivalent glucose concentrations in a scattering medium of 1.0% intralipid solution, while the accuracy and precision for a reference sample containing no scattering medium were 65.3 and 23.8 mg/dl, respectively. Comparing these results, we conclude that the proposed method is effective for glucose measurement in a scattering medium.