, Volume 16, Issue 11, pp 3473-3478
Date: 14 Oct 2012

In situ identification and quantification in a flow cell with AAS downstream analytics

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To broaden the application range of materials and the challenge of corrosion protection leads to the development of novel metal coatings. Therefore, an investigation of the reactions between the coating and different process media under laboratory conditions is necessary. In the current work, a system is established which allows a continuous in situ identification and quantification of the soluble species by coupling a flow-through cell with an atomic absorption spectrometer. Because of the cell design, it is also possible to observe surface changes and gas formation. To improve the process media flow through the cell and to reduce peak broadening of the analyte signal in the atomic absorption spectroscope due to enlarged retention time of soluble species from interest, the cell geometry was adapted and the flow was simulated with a computational fluid dynamics software.

This article is dedicated to Prof. Waldfried Plieth on the occasion of his 75th birthday.