, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp 857-867
Date: 01 Jun 2011

Selective and sensitive molecularly imprinted sol–gel film-based electrochemical sensor combining mercaptoacetic acid-modified PbS nanoparticles with Fe3O4@Au–multi-walled carbon nanotubes–chitosan

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A sensitive molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor was developed for selective detection of streptomycin by combination of mercaptoacetic acid-modified PbS nanoparticles with Au-coated Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles dispersed multi-walled carbon nanotubes doped chitosan film. The imprinted sensor was fabricated onto the Au electrode via stepwise modification of nanocomposites and an electrodeposited thin film of molecularly imprinted polymers via sol–gel technology. The morphologies and electrochemical behaviors of the imprinted sensor were characterized by scanning electron microscope, cyclic voltammetry, and differential pulse voltammetry, respectively. The prepared sensor showed very high recognition ability and selectivity for streptomycin. Under optimal conditions, the imprinted sensor displayed good electrocatalytic activity to the redox of streptomycin. And the differential voltammetric anodic peak current was linear to the logarithm of streptomycin concentration in the range from 1.0 × 10−6 to 1.0 × 10−3 mol L−1, and the detection limit obtained was 1.5 × 10−9 mol L−1. This proposed imprinted sensor was used successfully for streptomycin determination in different injection solution samples.