, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp 48-53

Electrodeposition and characterization of PbSe films on indium tin oxide glass substrates

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Electrodeposition of lead selenide (PbSe) thin films on indium tin oxide (ITO) covered glass is described. While disodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraaceticacid was used to complex the lead ions, well crystallized, nearly stoichiometric and mirror-like PbSe films were deposited on ITO glass in potentiostatic mode using aqueous acidic electrolyte containing Pb and Se precursors at different bath temperature. The improvement of crystallinity of the PbSe films deposited at different temperature was studied using X-ray diffraction and Raman scattering. The morphology and composition of the films were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and energy disperse analysis by X-ray, respectively. The optical property of the film was studied by optical measurement techniques.