, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 193-198

Wavelength Tuning Characteristics of a Vertival Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Diode with an External Short Cavity

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The characteristics of a wavelength tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser diode (VCSEL) with an external short cavity are analyzed, in which the oscillation wavelength can be changed over several tens of nanometers with a nearly constant optical power by slightly altering the external cavity length. Analysis is based on rate equations for the optical power and carrier density, taking the effect of carrier-induced refractive index change into consideration, together with the study of behaviors of a complex resonator. The reflection coefficient r 2 of a laser facet facing the external mirror is shown to affect notably the characteristics of wavelength tuning, optical power and carrier density for a change of the external cavity length. It is also noticed that the wavelength change for this length becomes slower with relatively larger r 2 due to an increasing contribution of the effect of carrier-induced refractive index change, within the optical gain spectrum of the laser diode.