, Volume 13, Issue 12, pp 1173-1213,
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Date: 09 Sep 2007

Optimization of parameters for semiempirical methods V: Modification of NDDO approximations and application to 70 elements


Several modifications that have been made to the NDDO core-core interaction term and to the method of parameter optimization are described. These changes have resulted in a more complete parameter optimization, called PM6, which has, in turn, allowed 70 elements to be parameterized. The average unsigned error (AUE) between calculated and reference heats of formation for 4,492 species was 8.0 kcal mol−1. For the subset of 1,373 compounds involving only the elements H, C, N, O, F, P, S, Cl, and Br, the PM6 AUE was 4.4 kcal mol−1. The equivalent AUE for other methods were: RM1: 5.0, B3LYP 6–31G*: 5.2, PM5: 5.7, PM3: 6.3, HF 6–31G*: 7.4, and AM1: 10.0 kcal mol−1. Several long-standing faults in AM1 and PM3 have been corrected and significant improvements have been made in the prediction of geometries.


Calculated structure of the complex ion [Ta6Cl12]2+ (footnote): Reference value in parenthesis