International Journal on Digital Libraries

, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp 79–90

Stimulating information sharing, collaboration and learning in operations research with libOR


    • Department of Management Information SystemsUniversity of Antwerp, Faculty of Applied Economics
  • Kenneth Sörensen
    • Fellow of the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research, Centre for Industrial ManagementUniversity of Leuven
  • Jan Verelst
    • Faculty of Applied Economics, Department of Management Information SystemsUniversity of Antwerp
  • Marc Sevaux
    • LESTER Laboratory Centre de RechercleUniversity of South-Brittany
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DOI: 10.1007/s00799-007-0032-7

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Ven, K., Sörensen, K., Verelst, J. et al. Int J Digit Libr (2008) 8: 79. doi:10.1007/s00799-007-0032-7


The exchange of data sets within the operations research community suffers from three main issues: (1) data sets are exchanged as plain text files; (2) data sets are offered on centrally managed websites; and (3) the results of applying algorithms to these data sets are unavailable. These issues result in an inefficient sharing of research artifacts. In this paper, we present libOR, a Web-based library of data sets for the operations research community. The organization of libOR is based on the open source and open content approach. The project has three main objectives: (1) stimulate information sharing of research data; (2) increase collaboration to increase scientific advancement; and (3) stimulate learning from approaches undertaken by other researchers in the domain. Early feedback from operations researchers seems to indicate that the advantages offered by libOR are greatly welcomed.


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