, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 21-28

An improved physical and genetic map of the genome of alkaliphilic Bacillus sp. C-125

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Among alkaliphilic bacteria reported so far, Bacillus sp. C-125 is the strain most thoroughly characterized physiologically, biochemically, and genetically. A physical map of the chromosome of this strain was constructed to facilitate further genome analysis, and the genome size was revised from 3.7 to 4.25 Mb. Complete digestion of the chromosomal DNA with two rare cut restriction endonucleases, AscI and Sse8387I, each yielded 20 fragments ranging in size from 20 to 600 kb. Seventeen linking clones were isolated in each instance to join the adjacent AscI or Sse8387I fragments in the chromosomal map. All AscI linking clones isolated were sequenced and analyzed by comparison with the BSORF database to map the genes in the chromosome of strain C-125. Several ORFs showing significant similarities to those of B. subtilis in the AscI linking clones were positioned on the physical map. The oriC region of the C-125 chromosome was identified by southern blot analysis with a DNA probe containing the gyrB region.

Received: May 6, 1998 / Accepted: May 26, 1998