, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 139-146,
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Date: 14 Jun 2007

Numerical performance of a parallel solution method for a heterogeneous 2D Helmholtz equation


The parallel performance of a numerical solution method for the scalar 2D Helmholtz equation written for inhomogeneous media is studied. The numerical solution is obtained by an iterative method applied to the preconditioned linear system which has been derived from a finite difference discretization. The preconditioner is approximately inverted using multigrid iterations. Parallel execution is implemented using the MPI library. Only a few iterations are required to solve numerically the so-called full Marmousi problem [Bourgeois, A., et al. in The Marmousi Experience, Proceedings of the 1990 EAEG Workshop on Practical Aspects of Seismic Data Inversion: Eur. Assoc. Expl. Geophys., pp. 5–16 (1991)] for the high frequency range.