Personal and Ubiquitous Computing

, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 21–31

A file system for system programming in ubiquitous computing


    • TecO, University of Karlsruhe
  • Till Riedel
    • TecO, University of Karlsruhe
  • Michael Beigl
    • TecO, University of Karlsruhe
  • Albert Krohn
    • TecO, University of Karlsruhe
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DOI: 10.1007/s00779-005-0060-5

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Decker, C., Riedel, T., Beigl, M. et al. Pers Ubiquit Comput (2007) 11: 21. doi:10.1007/s00779-005-0060-5


In Ubiquitous computing, small embedded sensor and computing nodes are the main enabling technologies. System programming for such small embedded systems is a challenging task involving various hardware components with different characteristics. This paper presents a file system which organizes all computational and sensory functionality of a sensor node as resources in a uniform name space. It further provides a lightweight and uniform access model for all these resources. This mechanism forms an abstraction from different hardware, makes functions re-useable and simplifies the development on such systems. With ParticleFS a concrete file system implementation on a sensor node platform is shown. Application cases demonstrate sensor logging, an interactive shell, executables, a pipe mechanism and remote access capabilities of the ParticleFS.


Particle computerFile systemSensor nodesUbicomp development

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